Ohio Village Members Only Opening Day
Apr. 01 2023

Ohio Village is back! Help us celebrate in style with our members only April Fools day event!

Ohio Village 800 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA Open in Google Map
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Included with general admission and membership

Ohio Village is back! Opening for weekends only to start the season from April 1st through May 14th.  Come experience life in the 1890's!

April 1st will be a members only event

Help us kickstart the season of Ohio Village with a special Member’s Only day focused all around April Fools day! You will encounter music, special performances, and unique programming focused around tricks and pranks showcasing the mischievous side of Ohio history!

Activities will include:

-Flea Circus performance (12pm)

-Sly Huntly –Monster Hunter performance (1:30pm)

-Ladies of Vaudeville performance (3pm)

-History of April Fools (All Day)

-Villager Prank Vignettes (All Day)

-April Fools in the News (All Day)

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