Fort Meigs After Dark Lantern Tours
Sep. 30 2022
Fort Meigs 29100 West River Road, Perrysburg, OH, USA Open in Google Map
7-9:30 p.m.
Adults - $16 Seniors - $12 Students - $10 Members - $2

This two hour guided tour is a unique way to see the historic grounds of Fort Meigs. Led by candlelight, the event focuses on the American Army of 1812 and their activities once the sun has set. This includes a soldier’s free time, camp and sleeping conditions, the reading of the Fort’s General Orders, the musical Retreat and Tattoo ceremonies for the end of day, and the lonely work of sentinels guarding the army as she sleeps. Other themes also explore darkness, danger, homesickness, and fear in the actual words of the soldiers living through the War of 1812 in Ohio.

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