Arctic Exploration Exhibit
Hayes Presidential Library & Museums Spiegel Grove - home of Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont, OH, USA Open in Google Map

For centuries, the Arctic was the ultimate unexplored frontier. Beginning with ancient quests for ultima thule, the “farthest unknown,” explorers tried to chart the shifting, icy landscape at the top of the world. Several expeditions set sail during the 19th century in search for the elusive Northwest Passage, some fated never to return. The Resolute Desk, given to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880, was built from the timbers of just such a ship and is still used in the Oval Office to this day. This exhibit will explore the Arctic’s strange, treacherous environment and profile the adventurers who tried to tame it. The exhibit will open to the public on Saturday, March 11. Access to the exhibit is included with regular museum admission. For hours, visit Hayes Presidential Library & Museums members will have a special exhibit opening reception on Friday, March 10. Not a member? Join at

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