Dressing for the Occasion: Clothing Styles of the Ohio Company on the Ohio Frontier (River and Country Lecture Series)
Oct. 11 2022
Campus Martius Museum 601 2nd Street, Marietta, OH, USA Open in Google Map
7:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

Moving to the remote and unsettled regions of the Ohio Company purchase in the 1780’s required much planning and decision-making. The essential supplies had to be chosen carefully due to the distance traveled and space allowed in various modes of transportation. However, what shall I wear? Always a perplexing question. With speaker Bill Reynolds, this program will look at the various types of clothing worn by the settlers through examination of period images as well as viewing reproductions of various clothing styles of both the men and women. Who knows, there might even be a fashion show – so please join us at Campus Martius Museum October 11! The cost of attending the lecture is $10.

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