Catharine Beecher: The Complexity of Gender in 19th Century America
Mar. 17 2024
First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati 536 Linton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 Open in Google Map
4–5:30 p.m.

Join Dr. Laura Ping as she demonstrates how the life of education reformer Catharine Beecher is a lens through which to understand the cultural changes of the nineteenth century.

Catharine Beecher’s writings outlined a unique domestic role for women just as urbanization and industrialization were limiting their social influence. By arguing that gender differences were a strength, Beecher empowered middle-class women to embrace domestic duties. Ping contextualizes Beecher’s life against the major changes that occurred during the first three-quarters of the nineteenth century. By looking at Beecher’s writings and anecdotes from her life, she offers insight into Beecher’s personality and how her career shaped the culture of femininity.

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