Endangered Species – Answer to Freaks of the Week #18


Sandhill Crane. Photo by David Barker, Ohio History Connection Sandhill Crane. Photo by David Barker, Ohio History ConnectionMassasauga. Photo by David Barker, Ohio History Connection Eastern Massasauga. Photo by David Barker, Ohio History Connection

Congrats to Aaron for nailing these two identifications, the Eastern Massasauga (also known as the Swamp Rattler) and the Sandhill Crane! These are indeed dwellers of Ohio wetlands, but the other thing I was looking for is that they are both listed in Ohio as Endangered Species. We have endangered species on the brain here at the Ohio History Connection, since our new exhibit “Going, Going, GONE? Endangered and Extinct Species” opens on Wednesday of this week! Come see these two specimens and many more, including rare specimens of extinct species and many endangered or threatened species from the state. And learn what you can do to help the environment and slow down the current rate of extinction. For museum hours, admission, and other information visit: www.ohiohistory.org.

Posted June 30, 2014

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