Bon Voyage Christine!

Bon Voyage Christine!

Today we lose a valuable member of our team, Christine Chitwood, as she completes her one year of service though the AmeriCorps program.
We are very impressed with everything Christine has accomplished during her time with us so we want to take a moment to brag about her! 

Recording shipwreck data was one of her main projects. She added close to 100 wrecks to the Ohio Shipwreck Inventory which is used by Ohio Historic Preservation Office in 106 project reviews.  In short, her efforts are helping protect previously unreported shipwrecks.

Christine took initiative and reached out to several museums, institutions, and other organizations to offer her assistance in instructing volunteers, creating exhibits, and talking to groups. 

She spearheaded an historical marker project honoring Captain Charles Motley who she ‘discovered’ while doing her shipwreck research. She was even able to get a proclamation from the State of Ohio honoring his service

Christine, along with Kendra Kennedy of the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, put together Ohio’s first National Register nomination for the wreck Anthony Wayne, which is currently in review prior to being submitted for consideration later this year.  This nomination will be used as a base upon which additional nominations can be made.

And, as if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, she downloaded over 1000 electronic artifact catalogs from floppy disks and CDs getting them ready for uploading into an on-line database which will make these collections much more accessible to the public.

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with and she will be missed!

Good luck on your next adventure Christine!  You will be awesome!


Posted August 31, 2016
Topics: Historic PreservationArchaeology

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