Bob Glotzhober awarded Curator Emeritus of Natural History!

Congratulations to Bob Glotzhober, who was today awarded with the honorary title of Curator Emeritus of Natural History, recognizing his 33 years of service to the Ohio Historical Society. In a ceremony at the quarterly all-staff meeting of the Society’s staff, Bob was presented with this award by Burt Logan, Executive Director of the Ohio Historical Society. In reading the qualification for the title, Mr. Logan said “The emeritus designation is intended to recognize and honor the outstanding employee whose dedicated service has resulted in significant contributions to Ohio History [or natural history!]. Emeritus selection goes above and beyond normal service over an extended period time. It is reserved for the extraordinary employee whose service has been so distinguished that in the mind and eye of the public, his/her professional colleagues, and his/her colleagues at the Society, the employee and the position(s) he/she has occupied are synonymous.”

We are pleased that Bob will remain on at OHS as a volunteer, and will continue to be involved in projects that are near and dear to his heart! He has been recently appointed to the Board of the Cedar Bog Association so will continue his association with the site that he has worked with for many years.

Congratulations Bob, and we all look forward to seeing you at the museum, the sites, and even on this blog!

Posted October 1, 2013
Topics: Natural History
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