2018 Ohio Underwater Archaeology Workshop

2018 Ohio Underwater Archaeology Workshop

This information is from the National Museum of the Great Lakes and the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team.  We hope you can join them for this fascinating workshop and presentation by Dr. John O’Shea!

Over the course of three days, our Basic Workshop will teach students the basics of surveying a shipwreck. We will cover: Ship Terms, Laws and Ethics, Research, Survey Tools, and Trilateration (the technique we use to measure shipwrecks) as well as much more. The workshop is designed for divers and non-divers. The work is also appropriate for novice divers. At the completion of the class, all students will become members of MAST and invited to take part in field work. The cost of the class is $170 and covers all materials needed, breakfast and lunch in April, as well as the dinner program on April 28. Please note: this is a three day class – a full weekend in April with classroom and dry run practicals. Then one of two days in May for in-water practice (May 19 or 20).

The dinner program on Saturday night is open to the public. It will be the annual meeting of the MAST membership, as well as an excellent presentation by Dr. John O’Shea, Curator of Great Lakes Archaeology at the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (UMMAA), and the Emerson F. Greenman Collegiate Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology. He will be presenting “Hunting Caribou Hunters Beneath Lake Huron”, which will discuss his research into pre-historic crossings on the bed of Lake Huron.

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Posted January 20, 2018
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