Collections Acquisition & Conservation

Francis Tansel powder horn at Fort Meigs, PerrysburgThe Ohio History Connection has a rich and varied collection of artifacts.   We need your help to ensure that this collection grows and that the valuable historical resources of our state are properly conserved for future generations.   Please help the Society’s collections acquisition and conservation efforts with a tax deductible donation.


Save the Flags

A colorful part of Ohio's military history is in danger of crumbling away.

The Ohio Battle Flag Collection contains approximately 500 flags from five wars in which Ohioans participated; most notably the Civil War. Our collections department is working to conserve these beautiful remnants of Ohio's glorious past, but we need your help!
Funds raised by the Save the Flags Campaign will help us achieve the following conservation goals:

  • Use new conservation techniques to save the flags from further deterioration
  • Make the flags available again for research and examination
  • Provide for possible exhibit, under suitable conditions for preservation
Members of the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry reenactment unit raised funds to conserve the regimental colors of the 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.Your support will help ensure the long-term conservation of these significant artifacts from Ohio's history. Individuals and groups may choose to adopt a specific flag or provide general support for the overall effort.  Contact the Institutional Advancement Office at 800.647.6921 to learn more.