Meet Our Donors


   July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

Neil A. Armstrong

from Marjorie Gedney  


Sandra Davies

from Anonymous  
from Richard & Thelda Davies  
from Barbara Powers  


Margaret Davis


from Cindy Hunter  


Joseph R. Fawcett

from Mary L. Fawcett  


John P. Goff

from Conestoga  


David R. Harris

from Ms. Barbara Young Brown  


John W. Hevener

from William & Sarah Angel  


Henry G. Jackson

from Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Day  


Megan Jones

from Cynthia Violet  


Lt. Oscar Dwight Kelton

from Anonymous  


William K. Laidlaw, Jr.

from Donna Laidlaw  
from Ted Prasse  
from Paulene & Mark Wilson  


Captain John Leonard

from Pauline M. Leonard  


Dan Lewis

from Ellen & Robert Arena  
from Mary Beth Fazio  


Charles J. Link

from Michelle & Tom Smith  


Rosemary Lore

from Michael & Sharon Curtin  


Margaret E. Mason

from Mr. John B. Gerlach, Jr. from Keny Galleries, Inc.
from Elizabeth M. Ross from Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Sheley


Louis A. Mitchell

from Conestoga  


Kenneth Mullenix

from Gary & M. Joyce from James E. Cameron
from John & Madeleine Crouse from Howard H. Ellis
from David & Jackie Fite from Charles & Susan Koch
from Robert T. & Susan A. Sharp from Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Williams


Sam Porter

from Elizabeth M. Ross  


Katherine Queen

from Jennifer Beverly  


Julie Quinlan

from Anonymous  
from Barbara Powers  


George B. & Dorothy Willis Rector

from Patty & Bill Donnally  


Harley E. Rouda, Sr.

from Brian L. Howell  


Dr. Richard D. Ruppert

from Fred & Carol Milligan  
from Scott & Sharon Mueller  


Marian D. Snider

from David & Marty Cottrill  


Dorothy Steinberger

from Richard Steinberger  


Fred Theller

from Gary & Karen Deighton  


William R. Welsh

from William E. Hughes  


Paul F. Wiess

from Conestoga  


Preston Wolfe

from Nancy Wolfe Lane Family Fund of The Columbus Foundation  


Millard F. Zimmerman

from Jana L. Patchen