Corporate Partnership

Become an Ohio History Maker!

Ohio Historical Society CEO Burt Logan and AEP Foundation's Dale Heydlauff shake hands in the AEP-sponsored Welcome Lobby at the Ohio History CenterAs a corporate partner of the Ohio History Connection, you can help us make history come alive for Ohioans by providing OHS with the resources to fulfil our mission--to help people connect with Ohio’s past in order to understand the present and create a better future.

Recently, the Ohio History Center (OHC) in Columbus opened eight new exhibits in order to be more relevant and marketable to current and potential audiences. These new exhibits, along with the increase in days we are open to the public, helped the OHC attendance grow 43 percent to almost 73,000 visitors. The society’s continuing growth and expansion will offer your company countless opportunities to reach new and current customers and highlight your charitable work.

Make an impact statewide and in your local community

By becoming a sponsor of the Society’s educational programs, collections, and exhibits, you can help us preserve Ohio’s unique historic assets.

  • We preserve Ohio’s collective memory and are committed to the authenticity of the “real stuff” of history – the objects, documents, sites and structures that are the physical evidence of our heritage.
  • We recognize the importance of partnership and collaboration: teamwork – both within OHS and with our stakeholders and partners – is a hallmark of all our efforts at each of our 58 historic sites.
  • We are committed to accessibility to all of our programs and services. 
  • We believe in the power of diversity – in the people and organizations we serve, in the programs and services we offer, and in the ideas and perspectives all Ohioans represent.

Build Your Brand Awareness

Your company will also expand their brand and philanthropic goals by being a partner with one of the largest and most vibrant historical societies in the country. Program and exhibition sponsorship offers a range of benefits that can strengthen your company’s image and enhance visibility. By partnering with the Ohio History Connection, you will have an impact on the thousands of Ohioans we work with every day.

OHS corporate partners will receive the following sponsorship benefits:

  • Name and logo recognition on the Ohio History Connection website, which has 1,550,772 visits and 4,908,738 page views annually
  • Name and logo recognition on program and/or exhibit marketing materials and signage
  • Recognition on the Ohio History Connection social media pages
  • Recognition on the Ohio History Center's Donor Wall
For more information about how your company can become a corporate partner of the Ohio History Connection, please contact Jim Walker, Chief Development Officer, at 614.297.2320 or