Qualify for Our Consultants List

Are you a professional in one of the following fields?

• Archaeology 
• Architecture 
• Architectural History 
• Historic Architecture
• Historic Landscape Architecture 
• Historic Preservation Planning
• History 

Would you like to be included on the State Historic Preservation Office's Consultants List? To qualify, you'll need to submit documentation showing that you meet the federal professional qualification requirements for one or more of these fields. The qualifications are published in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation (48 FR 44716). For Historic Landscape Architecture and Historic Preservation Planning the standards used are those proposed by the National Park Service for these two areas. Archaeologists who have been evaluated and certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) are also identified on the list.

Professionals who meet these qualifications can be included on our Consultants List. The list, which is updated monthly, is made available to people who are seeking the services of a consultant for historic preservation projects in Ohio. The Consultants list is published with the understanding that neither the Ohio History Connection nor the State Historic Preservation Office in any manner recommends, endorses, or assumes responsibility for the work of any consultant on the list.

To be considered for the Consultants List, download and complete a qualification form for one or more of the seven professional fields. Once we receive your completed form and $60 fee we will respond in writing to let you know either that your name will be added to the list or that we need more information. Click on the applicable professional decipline listed below to download qualification forms in Adobe .pdf format.

Archaeology (Historic/Prehistoric/Underwater) 
Architectural History
Historic Architecture
Historic Landscape Architecture
Historic Preservation Planning

Click here to view the Professional Qualifications Standards issued by the National Park Service. The qualifications define minimum education and experience required to perform identification, evaluation, registration, and treatment activities.

Submit your completed request and $60 fee by check made payable to the Ohio History Connection to: Education and Support Services, State Historic Preservation Office, 800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH 43211-2474.

Your payment will be processed when review of your qualifications is complete and if your qualifications meet federal standards.

To ask questions about qualifying for the Consultants List click here or call the State Historic Preservation Office, (614) 298-2000.