Account Registration

Access to online data is limited to agencies, scholars and professionals in historic preservation. There are two steps involved in registration. First, each company or agency must complete and submit a subscription form. Second, each individual within the company or agency must also register to receive a username and password. The registration information you submit must be verified and accepted by the State Historic Preservation Office before your account is activated. Please allow five business days for the registration process. The State Historic Preservation Office reserves the right to limit access to the Online Mapping System.

Subscribe your Organization

Access to OHPO inventory data is limited to organizations and individuals with an active subscription to the Online Mapping System. Data access is divided into three levels based on subscription type and data needs. For more information on subscribing your organization, download the subscription form below.

Create an Individual User Account

Each user of the Online Mapping System must have their own registered user account. User accounts are strictly limited to the registered individual and are not to be shared. All user accounts are subject to review before activation.

Free Public Access

OHPO offers free public access to the core tools and basemaps included in the Online Mapping System. This includes the ability to print maps, collect UTM's and view a wide variety of basemap data. Free access does not allow access to OHPO inventory data, such as the National Register of Historic Places, Ohio Historic Inventory or Ohio Archaeological Inventory. If you need access to OHPO inventory data through the Online Mapping System, you must apply for a paid subscription.

To access the free portion of the site enter the username: Public and Password: password.

Please contact the State Historic Preservation Office at 614-298-2000 if you have any questions about access to online data or the registration process.