Certified Local Government Administrative Guidance

The following information is to assist in the administration of a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant. It includes general governance information and all of the forms that may be used during the administration and reporting of a CLG grant.

This page is still a work-in-progress! Check back often as more information will be added.

Initiating the Project
Grant Administration Flowchart
Grant Award Notification Packet
Grant Agreement Templates
Standard Federal Forms

Procurement Requirements
Methods of Procurement
Elements of a Request for Proposals

Contracts with Consultants or Contractors
Written Contracts Required
Sample Contract
Contract Checklist
NPS Required Provisions

Conducting the Project
Project Publicity Requirements
Record Keeping
Project Monitoring, Revisions or Termination
Progress Reports

Guidance for Specific Project Types
Public Education and Other

Closing Out the Project/Project Payment
Project Completion Report
Contractor Performance Report
Grant Invoice
Covenant/Preservation Agreement