Project Monitoring, Amendments, Cancellation

Contact the State Historic Preservation Office grants manager for any assistance during the administration of the CLG grant. We are here to facilitate and expedite the completion of your project. We all have the same goal: successful completion of a historic preservation project for your community!

Project Schedule
The schedule for completing the scope of work is listed in the Key Contract Elements. Should a contractor/consultant be hired, the schedule is reviewed with the party hired, and revised as needed at that time. It is the responsibility of the CLG project coordinator to obtain the required materials from their subcontractor on a timely basis to provide time for local review. The comments and recommendations of the project coordinator and/or commission should accompany the draft product when submitted to OHPO.

Circumstances may arise during the administration of the grant project (personnel changes, budgetary issues, etc.) that affect the scope, budget or schedule for completing the project. Changes to the scope of work or products, the project end date, as well as changes to the budget line items of more than 20% require an amendment to the grant agreement. Contact the OHPO grants manager to discuss how to amend the grant agreement.

Failure to adhere to the project schedule, repeated missed deadlines and submission of products that do not comply with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards are grounds for cancellation of the grant. However, OHPO will cancel a CLG only as a last resort.