Progress Reports

First Administrative Progress Report
An administrative progress report is required that covers the 60 day period after the project start date. This is to include a description of tasks completed to the date, a copy of the press release and notification letters to state and federal representatives; and for development projects, two photos of the required sign in place in front of the construction area.

Second Administrative Progress Report
A second administrative progress report may be requested by the State Historic Preservation Office depending on project circumstances.

Federal Fiscal Year Financial Report
OHPO must report to the National Park Service on all CLG grants at the end of each federal fiscal year. The federal fiscal year is October 1 through September 30. The CLG federal fiscal year report  covers the time period from the project start date until September 30 in the year of project initiation. A description of the work accomplished during this time period and listing of all expenses during the first federal fiscal year of your project must be submitted along with the supporting financial documentation. The notification for this report is issued in August, and the report is due at OHPO on November 1. This allows 30 days after the end of the federal fiscal year to gather documentation of expenses incurred/paid during the federal fiscal year.