Procurement Requirements

Methods of Procurement

Federal regulation 43 CFR 12 states that all procurement or purchasing transactions, regardless of whether by competitive proposals or sealed bids, and without regard to the dollar value, should be conducted in a manner that provides for open and free competition. Procurement procedures shall not restrict or eliminate competition. All project costs, including the matching share, must meet procurement requirements.

  • Small Purchase Procedures – Procurement of services or supplies where price quotes or rates are obtained from an adequate number of qualified sources to assure competition.
  • Competitive Negotiation – Proposals are requested from a number of sources via a written Request for Proposal (RFP) that has been reviewed and approved by OHPO prior to issuance. The RFP is to be distributed to several prospective sources. In general, 21-30 days should be allowed for responses to an RFP. See below regarding important elements of an RFP. Sample RFPs can be provided upon request.
  • Competitive Sealed Bids (formal advertising) are generally used for construction projects where sealed bids are publicly solicited, and a firm-fixed-price contract is awarded to the responsible bidder whose bid, conforming to the terms of the RFP or work specifications, is the lowest in price.
  • Noncompetitive Negotiation must always be approved in advance by OHPO and the National Park Service.

Cost-Plus-a-Percentage-of-Cost and Percentage-of-Construction-Cost method of contracting or purchasing are prohibited under CLG grants.

If the services of a consultant or contractor is listed in your CLG application, prepare a draft RFP, or work specifications for a development project, and submit it to the OHPO for review and approval [Allow two weeks for OHPO review]. Only after obtaining OHPO approval can the RFP or specifications be issued.

The project coordinator is responsible for submitting to the OHPO a copy of the final RFP as issued, the distribution list to which the RFP was sent, a list of responses, a summary of the evaluation process and selected consultant. The OHPO will review the selected proposal to insure that the scope of work proposed is consistent with the grant agreement and meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

Elements of a Request for Proposals

Many projects involve hiring a preservation professional to complete some or all of the project work. See the Elements of a Request for Proposals for information on what to include in the RFP.