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May 2, 2014
Ohio History Connection logo
Same Mission, New Name and Look
Ohio History Connection Becomes Ohio History Connection May 24

We’re about to make some history of our own with a brand new name. On May 24, the Ohio Historical Society becomes the Ohio History Connection.

“For our first 69 years — from 1885 to 1954 — we were the Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society,” says Executive Director and CEO Burt Logan. “In 1954, our name became simply Ohio History Connection.”

Sixty years of social and technological changes later, Logan says the decision to adopt the name Ohio History Connection is an outcome of research with focus groups conducted on behalf of the society over the past two years in which many of the same participants who expressed enthusiasm for history and all kinds of history-related experiences also identified the words “historical” and especially the word “society” as sounding antiquated and exclusive to them.

“That’s the exact opposite of what we are and what we aim to be,” he says. “We believe the name Ohio History Connection will communicate our service in the simplest way possible: assisting people with accessing, preserving and sharing Ohio’s past.”

Logan believes the new name better reflects the range of trendsetting programming that is changing how people worldwide can access Ohio history, such as:  

  • Ohio Memory, an online repository of photographs, publications and other materials which offers  users instant access to more than 426,000 items associated with Ohio history.

  • Ohio As America, an online electronic textbook used by more than 22,000 fourth graders.

“Anyone in the world can access Ohio’s history with a few simple clicks,” Logan says. “This is the essence of the connection we hope to create with people around the world.”

Logan says the name change does not affect partnerships with Ohio’s 58 historic sites and museums or its relationships with the Smithsonian, American Alliance of Museums, National Park Service or other leading organizations.

“Through more than 30 years of work in historic preservation, the Ohio History Connection has also helped communities throughout Ohio attract $2.85 billion in reinvestment in historic properties,” Logan adds. “The new name reflects our continuing commitment to working with people and organizations throughout Ohio in preserving places, objects and memories.”

Not An Ohio History Connection or Ohio History Connection Member?
Visit www.ohiohistory.org/membership to join today. Enjoy a special luncheon and other activities for Ohio History Connection members on Saturday, May 24, 2014, at the Ohio History Center in Columbus. Questions? Call 800.686.1545 for details.