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July 25, 2013
Photo of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air in the exhibit “1950s: Building the American Dream” at the Ohio History Center in Columbus.
Dynamic Decade

Our new exhibit, 1950s: Building the American Dream, is now open at the Ohio History Center museum in Columbus. Visit the museum and experience the 1950s firsthand – put your feet up on the couch, play a record or peek in the drawers of a real two-bedroom, ranch-style Lustron home of the era and explore its contents.

Stop by at the right time and you may even meet a Lustron salesman on the lawn, dad relaxing in the living room or mom in the kitchen making a cake.

Photo of visitors in front of the Rankin House, on the stone steps overlooking the town of Ripley and the Ohio River.
Attention, Old-Building Sleuths!
Rankin Redux

Fascinated by the process of taking a building back in time and restoring it to its original appearance? We’re currently in the throes of doing just that at the 1829 home of Rev. John Rankin in Ripley, Ohio, and you’re invited to stop by this summer or fall and see the work in progress.

Home to History
Rankin was one of Ohio’s leading abolitionists in the years before the Civil War, and his home overlooking the Ohio River from a bluff high above the town of Ripley was visible for miles -- a beacon of hope to fugitives en route to freedom. Rankin, his family, and his neighbors in Ripley (an Ohio River town that, below its sleepy surface, was a not-very-secret hotbed of Underground Railroad activity) are credited with helping more than 2,000 fugitive slaves escape to freedom.

Photo of two storekeepers in front of a shop at Ohio Village.
At the Center
August Preview

Explore a real porcelain-enameled steel house of the 1950s; decide what you’d want with you in a Cold War-era bomb shelter; learn about the Ohioan credited with making tomatoes what they are today; and get a guided tour of Ohio Village circa 1863, all at the Ohio History Center in August.

Photo of grant recipients following announcement of the 2013 History Fund grants at the Statehouse in Columbus.
Grants Aid Local History and Preservation Projects
History Fund Deadline is September 5

Looking for funds for a local history or preservation-related project? The Ohio History Connection’s new History Fund grants program may be one source. Applications are due September 5. Learn more about applying during a free webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

Circa 1948 photo of Lustron plant in Columbus.
Timeline Retrospective
The Lustron Home

The new Ohio History Center exhibit 1950s: Building the American Dream features a real porcelain-enameled steel ranch house of the era. Learn more about it in this story from the Ohio History Connection magazine Timeline.

Photo of visitors on a hike at Wahkeena Nature Preserve, near Lancaster.
Featured Events
In the Good Old Summertime

Enjoy a festive salute to our rivers, canals and lakes; shop 60-plus quality antiques dealers; explore natural wonders; or see a new play about Tecumseh and Thomas Worthington, all at Ohio History Connection sites and related venues in coming weeks.