Red Herring

Following the first successful nuclear tests by the Soviets in 1949, America quickly began to fear the scientific strides of their eastern-hemisphere rival and its citizens began to suspiciously eye those around them believing that Soviet spies must have been responsible for passing the nuclear technology from the United States to Russia. To enlist the aid of The Press and help calm public fears, a lavish dinner for The Press is sponsored by House Committee for Un -American Activities.  Sen. Joseph McAllen opens the dinner by giving an impassioned speech warning The Press of  Communist agents around every corner. As he begins to introduce his colleague, Sen. Richard Stewart, the chairman of the committee, he is informed that the Senator has been murdered. Conspiracy, accusations, and deception now abound as one of the reporters reveals that he is actually an FBI agent and begins an investigation. Before the night has ended the CIA , FBI, and a variety of other agencies along with a number of  “Red Herrings” are all thrown into the mix. Guests become involved in the questioning and decoding.  As the night comes to a close all the evidence is collected to reveal who is the Soviet spy and the one who killed the chairman.

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