Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Catering Questions
Can we bring our own food in for our event?

Unfortunately, our insurance liability requires licensed professional full service catering companies to cater any event on our premise. However, we have provided a list of preferred caterers for a wide range of choices from casual to upscale menus and pricing.

Do we have to use one of your preferred caterers?
We have provided a list of preferred caterers for a wide range of choices from casual to upscale menus and pricing.  However it is possible to use another caterer ourside of our catering list.  Each caterer would need to go through an approval process and provide information such as licenses, proof of insurance, and workers compensation covereage. For any non-preferred caterer a 25% food and beverage catering fee will be assessed.
Alcohol Questions
Can we bring our own alcohol?

Our liquor license requires that we provide the alcohol and the bartender for any event held on the property of the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village. We have very competitive pricing on our bar packages compared to other facilities in the city. Please see our Spirits and Libations list on our website for prices.

Can we request special types or brands of alcohol?
Yes, it is possible to request different alcohol than is found on our standard liquor packages.  If the alcohol can be purchased from an approved distributor a special request should be approved. For any specially requested alcohol you, as the client, would be responsible for the entire order whether the alcohol is consumed or not during the event.
Ceremony and Rehearsal questions
What time can we arrive for our ceremony?

Our 2 hour ceremony package times are normally broken down into 4 activites usually taking approximately 1/2 hour each.  The first 1/2 hour is for pre-ceremony pictures, then 1/2 hour for guest arrival, a 1/2 hour for the ceremony, and a 1/2 hour for post-ceremony pictures.  Those time allotments can be varied as long as it does not exceed the 2 hour period.  Also included in that package rate is one hour prior to your rental period allocated for any decorating or bridal party dressing needed prior to your ceremony activities.  That hour is not to be used for any actual ceremony activities. Please communicate this to any of your vendors such as florists, musicians, photographers, etc. Additional time can be added for increased activities such as extra decorating or pictures for an additional fee.

What about rehearsals?
  • Wedding rehearsals are included in your package price. They are normally the day before the wedding although another day may be requested.
  • The wedding coordinators will be on site to coordinate your wedding rehearsal and should be able to complete the rehearsal in one hour (To avoid additional charges, we suggest that your bridal party arrives 15 minutes early).
  • Please advise your officiator that they will need to attend the rehearsal and be the primary coordinator.  OHS coordinators will be available for logistic assistance.
  •  Musicians may also come to the rehearsal but will not participate in the first run through, however, they will be allowed to play abbreviated versions of their music during the second run at the rehearsal.