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A description of signatures needed for a successful grant submission.

History Fund applicants must print and sign a “Signatures of Authorization” form. On the form indicate the title of the grant project and the name of the applicant organization. By signing the form, the project’s Authorizing Official, Project Director, and Project Bookkeeper certify the following:

  • All information in the application is accurate to the best of their knowledge and that they can, if requested, provide proof of same.
  • The signers and their subordinates will execute the project and expend all project funds as described in the application, or in modifications to subsequent agreements, describing the project and can, if requested, demonstrate same.
  • Furthermore, if awarded a grant, the grantee will return to the Ohio History Connection a signed grant agreement and associated forms no later than 30 days following receipt of the grant agreement and forms. Noncompliance will result in forfeiture of the grant.
  • The project adheres to all requirements for the History Fund as described in the History Fund Grant Guidelines

Upload and attach the completed “Signatures of Authorization” to your online History Fund grant application in the section titled “Signatures.”

Download the Signatures of Authorization Form.

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