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Construction Budget Form

Use this list of construction terminology to assist in putting together your construction budget form.

Construction Terms - Use the following list to categorize construction costs. Bricks & Mortar project may have both construction and non-construction costs.

  1. General Conditions (start-up costs, scaffolding, project sign)
  2. Site work (subsurface investigation, demolition, drainage, underpinning)
  3. Concrete (poured in place concrete, precast concrete, concrete restoration and cleaning)
  4. Masonry (mortar, unit masonry, stone, masonry restoration and cleaning)
  5. Metals (structural metal framing, metal finishes and restoration)
  6. Wood and Plastics (rough carpentry, finish carpentry, architectural woodwork, millwork)
  7. Thermal and Moisture Protection (waterproofing, damp proofing, insulation, roofing, flashings)
  8. Doors and Windows (doors and frames, entrances and storefronts, window repair and restoration, window replacement, hardware)
  9. Finishes (lath and plaster, gypsum wallboard, ceramic tile, wood, brick, and stone flooring, painting)
  10. Specialties (fire extinguishers and cabinets)
  11. Special Construction (solar and wind energy systems)
  12. Conveying Systems (elevators)
  13. Mechanical/Electrical (plumbing, fire protection, heating, cooling, air distribution); electrical service and distribution; lighting)