Initiating the Project

Grant Administration Flowchart
View this flowchart to get an overall sense of the various steps involved in grant administration over the course of a project.

Initiating the Project 

Within two weeks of the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board meeting at which grant applications are approved for funding, the State Historic Preservation Officer will announce the CLG grant recipients via an award letter to the community’s chief executive officer. Next, the Ohio Historic Preservation Office (OHPO) grants manager will send a grant award notification packet to the project coordinator identified in the CLG grant application.

Grant Award Notification Packet 

1. Copy of the CLG award letter sent to the community’s chief executive

2. National Park Service required certification forms requiring signature:

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters, Drug Free Workplace Requirements and Lobbying
Assurance of Compliance & Certification
Non-Construction Program Assurances or Construction Program Assurances Form
[depending on type of project]

The National Park Service forms must be signed by an individual in the CLG or designated administrative agent organization who has legal authority to bind that community or organization to the contract.

3. Key Contract Elements
The Key Contract Elements sheet identifies OHPO’s understanding of the scope of work, final products, budget and schedule from the grant application, and enumerates any questions that need to be addressed before OHPO develops the Grant Agreement.

4. Work Plan Format
Any revisions needed to any of the key contract elements, or responses to questions noted, must be submitted on the work plan format sheet and returned to the OHPO grants manager. If no changes are needed, a letter or email to this effect should be sent to the OHPO grants manager.

The project coordinator is to return the signed forms, a completed work plan or a no-change letter to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office within 21 days of the award date, or by the date noted in the notification letter. Based on the information provided the OHPO will prepare the Grant Agreement.

5. Publicity Requirements
It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to issue a news release and notify both state and federal legislators that the community has received a CLG grant. The packet includes a sample release and notification letter. Copies are to be submitted to OHPO with first administrative progress report.

Grant Agreement

The OHPO grants manager will prepare the Grant Agreement. Two copies of the document will be signed and sent to the grant recipient for signatures. One copy is to be retained by the project coordinator, the other returned to the OHPO grants manager. Upon execution of the grant agreement, the project must be initiated within sixty (60) days.

For any CLG grant over $25,000 or involving a National Historic Landmark property, the OHPO will prepare the required project notification and submit it to the National Park Service for review and approval. Upon receipt of NPS approval, the grant agreement will be sent to the project coordinator. In addition to OHPO review and approval, any change in budget, scope of work, or schedule for a project in this funding category requires NPS pre-approval before it can implemented.

Agreement Templates

View the standard template for the grant agreement executed between the Ohio Historical Society and the Certified Local Government grant recipient.

CLG Non-Construction Agreement Template

CLG Construction Agreement Template