Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts:

  • The Zoarites planted 100 heads of cabbage per every adult member in Zoar!
  • The Zoarites paid off their land debt by helping to dig out 3 miles of the Ohio Erie Canal; the men did the digging while the women carried away the dirt.
  • Zoar was famous for their delicious butter; according to the Iron Valley Reporter, they were able to charge 2 cents more per pound than other butter makers of the time.
  • The Zoarites had a brewery and the foundation is still located at the end of Fifth St.
  • One volunteer reported hearing footsteps in the empty Zoar Hotel!
  • Did you know the Zoar bakers made 80 to 100 loaves of bread daily?
  • President William McKinley was a frequent guest at the Zoar Hotel!
  • Did you know that Zoar means a "place of refuge" or "little one"? Zoar became the Zoarites place of refuge after they fled Germany.
  • An outbreak of cholera spread through Zoar in 1834.
  • The Zoarites arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship Frau Elizabetha after a journey of 93 long days.
  • With help from the Quakers, the Zoarites were able to purchase 5,500 acres of land in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They paid $3 per acre, making their entire purchase a grand total of $16,500!
  • On April 15, 1819, 53 men and 104 women voted to make Zoar a community in which goods were shared and labor was equal.
  • The Zoarites kept pigeons in the second floor of the Magazine, not for carrying mail, but for their meat known as "squab."