Know Before You Go

Key things to see or do while visiting the site:

Learn more about the Newark Earthworks by visiting the Great Circle Museum. Visitors are invited to watch an interactive video explaining the significance of the site and tour a 1,000-square-foot exhibit that includes a timeline of Ohio's ancient cultures and an explanation of why American Indians regard the Newark Earthworks as a sacred site. The exhibit also details how the earthworks align with the rising and setting of the moon. Following the museum tour, visitors can take self-guided tours of the grounds during daylight hours. The Great Circle Museum is also the new home of the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau (LCCVB). The LCCVB offers travel-related products and services to assist visitors in Licking County. For more information, call 800.589.8224 or visit

While visiting the Newark earthworks, consider traveling 15 miles east to visit Flint Ridge State Memorial and Museum, an Ohio History Connection site that contains quarry pits where all of the ancient people of Ohio came to get flint for both tools and weapons.

In 2012, the Newark Earthworks Center, in conjunction with the Ancient Ohio Trail will feature a series of event during the “Ancient Ohio Summer.”

Newark Earthworks Walk with the Ancients blogspot:


Details to plan your visit

The Great Circle and Wright Earthworks are open during daylight hours throughout the year. For the safety of visitors, Octagon Earthworks, located on the grounds of Moundbuilders Country Club, is accessible from a viewing platform and one foot trail. The site is open for all day access four days of the year. 2014 dates include: April 13, 14, May 27, October 12 and 14.

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