Know Before You Go

The open air, Greek style tomb is made of Georgia white marble and sits on 10-acres in a park-like area personally approved by Mrs. Harding, just 1.5 miles from the Harding Home. The design for the memorial was created by Henry F. Hornbostel and Eric Fisher Wood – mostly because of their design’s simplicity and President Harding’s wish for an under-the-sky burial. Hornbostel also designed the campus that is now Carnegie Mellon University. There are no embellishments on the Harding Tomb, just an inscription on the inside wall. The monument, set in 10 acres of landscaped grounds, is similar in appearance to a round Greek temple. The simple Doric features and spacious surroundings combine to create one of the most beautiful presidential memorials outside Washington, D. C.

The ground breaking for the memorial was held on April 26, 1926. Construction of the tomb concluded the following year and President and Mrs. Harding’s remains were moved to the memorial that December. The memorial was dedicated by President Herbert Hoover in 1931.

Key things to see or do while visiting the site:

Walk around the tomb. Visit the Harding Home nearby. Take a tour of the house and the other historic buildings on the site. Be sure to visit the museum store behind the home.