Know Before You Go

Key things to see or do while visiting the site:

In the spring of 2003, the fort underwent a major renovation and the construction of a Museum and Education Center.

Enjoy a self-guided tour through the restored seven blockhouses and see the commanding view of the Maumee River defended by the fort.

An object in the museum is the Tansel powder horn, elaborately carved by Francis Tansel, a private in the Kentucky militia, it shows a map of Fort Meigs in September 1813.

While in the area, visit the site of the 1794 battle of Fallen Timbers, which includes a monument honoring Major General Anthony Wayne as well as smaller monuments to the soldiers and Native Americans who died in the battle.

For information about upcoming reenactments, events, and activities at Fort Meigs, visit

There are a number of reenactments and special events held throughout the summer at Fort Meigs. Major events include First Siege 1813 (held every Memorial Day weekend) and Muster on the Maumee, (held every Father’s Day weekend).