Know Before You Go

Visiting Flint Ridge is a trip to a site that has seen human activity for as long as there have been people in Ohio. Flint Ridge seems to have been well known in the ancient world, as small amounts of it have been found at Native American sites across the present-day eastern United States. Because of this flint's great beauty, it has been respected throughout the ages in the tools, weapons, and ceremonial objects of native cultures and in modern times in the production of jewelry.

The museum at Flint Ridge is built around a restored prehistoric quarry pit and explains both the digging and shaping of flint. The unique geology of the area is also a feature of the displays. The site includes a museum shop that features flint as a gemstone with locally manufactured jewelry.

A picnic area with tables, grills, drinking water, and restrooms is available for visitors to the memorial.

Learn about the quarrying and shaping of flint at the museum, which is built around a prehistoric quarry pit. Here, you can hike several trails that cover more than three miles through the 533-acre park, and see ancient mining pits and a variety of wildlife and plants.

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