Know Before You Go

Key things to see or do while visiting the site:

Visit the Buckeye Furnace Store, which exhibits a period store that is stocked with items that would have been typical in the Buckeye Furnace Store. While there, see the film “The Early Iron Industry of Ohio” to get an idea of how different the region was when the charcoal furnaces were working. 

Walk up the hill and see where charcoal was made from thousands of logs harvested from the nearby area. There are many interpretative panels along your walk that will explain what part the item you are looking at played in the production of iron. While at the top of the hill, get a great view of the smoke stack up close, because it will be at eye level on the hill. 

Buckeye Furnace is in a remote area. When visiting, pack a lunch and plan on picnicking under the shade of the trees at the park. 

In addition to the furnace site, there is a ½ mile hiking trail that takes you up into the hills where the trees were harvested. 

Also, see the Buckeye Cemetery that is just a short drive behind the Buckeye Furnace Store.