Placing Your Own Geocache at an OHS site

Thank you for thinking of us with your geocache!

The Ohio History Connection welcomes geocaches and the people who place and seek them. In order to provide a quality experience for those we serve, the Ohio History Connection has developed the following policy for geocaching at any of our sites. To find a site, visit the Places section of our website. Please contact the site manager at the location where you wish to place a cache or email with any questions you may have.

Site managers may designate non-sensitive areas of the park that can be utilized for recreational activities by the geocaching community. A specific number of available permits will be decided for each area.

Managers of sites operated by partner organizations will have the option to allow geocaching at the site(s) they manage. If they do this, they must follow these rules or seek Ohio History Connection approval of alternate rules.

Ohio Historical Markers are located throughout the state. To place a geocache at a marker please contact the sponsor organization of the individual marker. Sponsors have the right to decide whether or not a geocache may be placed on their property. Visit Remarkable Ohio to discover more the Ohio Historical Markers, their locations and sponsors.

Placing a Cache Guidelines

Please read the following Geocache Guidelines (PDF), before setting up a geocache site. Click here to download the Geocaching Application (PDF).
You will work with the site manager to determine the specific location and name of your site. A cache cannot be approved for placement in a sensitive archaeological, historical, or ecological area. At that time you will be given a OHS Geocache permit. A limited number of available permits will be decided for each area. If a site is set up without a permit, the cache will be confiscated.