Finding an OHS Geocache

Finding an OHS Geocache

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to find an OHS Geocache!

1. From the list of OHS geocache sites, click on the site geocache link you'd like find. You will leave the OHS website and go directly to the official geocache website at To use the Geocaching page, you must register (Free).

2. This will give you the GPS coordinates you will need, as well as clues, to find our geocache.

3. When you arrive at the site, follow the coordinates until you find the cache. Good Luck!

(Please Note: normal hours of operation and admission to the site, if applicable, and site regulations do apply).


Open the cache, take time to read the journal entries of fellow geocachers, and write your own entry. You're invited to take an item from the cache and leave a new item for future geocachers to discover.

The caches are moved every year, so come back and start the treasure hunt all over!

Another Way of Geocaching - Waymarking!

Another way to combine interest in geocaching and history is through waymarking. Waymarkers find Ohio Historical Markers by using latitude and longitude instead of street addresses, collecting and storing the coordinates of Ohio Historical Markers in handheld GPS units to prove that they have visited the markers, without leaving caches. Latitude and longitude coordinates for many Ohio Historical Markers are available on the Remarkable Ohio. Geocachers interested in leaving caches at Ohio Historical Markers must contact each marker's local sponsors for permission first. Sponsors are listed at Remarkable Ohio, and contact information for many is in the Directory of Historical Organizations in Ohio.