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On Demand Technical Assistance

If you don’t know who to ask, ask us.

If you or your organization has a question about any aspect of doing local history, contact the Local History Office (LHO).  LHO staff responds to hundreds of inquiries from local history organizations each year.   These questions cover a wide variety of areas: collections care, governance, priority setting, attracting more people to an organization, and much more. 

In most cases, if the LHO's staff doesn't know the answer, they are happy to put you in contact with somebody who does.  Your organization doesn't have to "reinvent the wheel."  The LHO can help find someone who invented it in the first place!

Contact the Local History Office staff with any “how to do local history” question by calling toll free (800) 858-6878 or emailing msundlov@ohiohistory.org.