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OHS Speakers Bureau

Need a speaker for your next meeting? Ohio History Connection (OHS) speakers offer the following topics. For details on availability, fees, and scheduling, call the Local History Office toll free at 1-800-858-6878 or e-mail msundlov@ohiohistory.org.

Ohio Natural History:

  • The Landscape & Wildlife of Frontier Ohio: The Ohio countryside has changed dramatically over the past 200 years. This talk documents changes in forests, rivers, wetlands, prairies, and  the plants and wildlife that inhabited them. What has been the impact of these changes?  Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History (Typically 60+ minutes)
  • Ohio's Dragons & Damsels: Dragonflies and damselflies are fascinating insects.  The adults and larvae are ravenous predators that fly at speeds up to 35 mph.  The larvae are dependent upon clean waters, making them important indicators of water quality.  Glotzhober will review their unusual life history and share images of some of the 160 species known from Ohio.  Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History
  • Dragonflies 101: This program places an emphasis on dragonfly and damselfly biology and natural history and understanding their unique behavior and ecological relationships.  This is a great introduction for amateur naturalists or students who want to expand their knowledge of this fascinating and addicting group of aquatic insects. Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History (Discuss with speaker your group and the selection of this or the above program.)
  • Owls - Bionic Mouse Catchers: Owls have amazing adaptations for hunting at night.  This talk reviews those adaptations and discusses Ohio species, their life history, and vocalizations.  The program is best if it can be combined with a night hike looking for owls adjacent to the site where the slide program is given.  Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History
  • The Natural History of Fort Hill State Memorial: This 1200-acre National Natural Landmark has seven natural bridges, exposed bedrock from 3 different geological time periods, and over 650 species of plants - including some very rare ones.  All this with one of the most scenic gorges in Ohio and 11 miles of trails to explore sampled in this talk.  Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History
  • OHS Natural Areas - An Overview: The Ohio History Connection manages 3 National Natural Landmarks plus a number of other interesting natural areas.  This illustrated talk provides an overview of sites like Cedar Bog, Davis Memorial, Fort Hill, Glacial Grooves, and Wahkeena Nature Preserve.  Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History
  • Magnificent Monsters of the Ice Age: During the last Ice Age, many wonderful large mammals (the Pleistocene “Mega-fauna”) roamed what is today Ohio. This illustrated talk explores what these animals were, what they looked like, and how they lived. It will highlight images of some of the rarest Ohio Pleistocene fossils held in the Ohio History Connection’s collections, as well as other fossils from around the state. A review of a very exciting recent find from Medina County will be included.  Finally, we will explore why and how these magnificent mammals disappeared from Ohio and the face of the earth.  Speaker: Bob, Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History
  • In Development and Coming Soon: Oaks, Acorns, and Your Children's Children: Understanding Biological Diversity. Speaker: Bob Glotzhober, Curator of Natural History

Ohio History:

  • Ohio in the Civil War: An in-depth look at the contribution of Ohio and its people in America’s Civil War.  Speaker: Mark Holbrook, Marketing Manager
  • Ohio’s Unknown Generals: Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan; and future presidents Hayes, Garfield and McKinley get most of the attention focused on Ohioans in the Civil War. Learn about the lesser known soldiers from the Buckeye State whose heroism and bravery match their more famous counterparts. Speaker: Mark Holbrook, Marketing Manager

  • The Newark Earthworks: Monumental Geometry and Astronomy in Ancient Ohio--The Newark Earthworks site is a National Historic Landmark and it has been called one of the 70 wonders of the ancient world. This presentation explores what we know about this architectural marvel and the people who built it. Speaker: Bradley T. Lepper, Curator of Archaeology
  • Ohio Archaeology: A Fifteen-Thousand-Year Human Odyssey: This program presents an overview of Ohio prehistory, from the original discovery of Ohio to the dawn of the historic era.  Speaker: Bradley T. Lepper, Curator of Archaeology
  • The Forts of Anthony Wayne: Their Life and Architecture: The string of fortifications built along the Indiana-Ohio border by the U.S. military during the Indian Wars of the 1790s and their role in the successful campaign of Major General Anthony Wayne will be described.  Speaker: David Simmons, Editor, TIMELINE
  • Bringing the Canals to Ohio: This talk describes the mind-set of the key figures involved in the development of Ohio's canal system and how they decided where to build it. Speaker: David Simmons, Editor, TIMELINE
  • Romance and Symbolism of Covered Bridges: The folklore of Ohio’s covered bridges is contrasted with the reality of how they were actually designed and fabricated. Listeners will gain a new appreciation and understanding for this ever-dwindling historic resource in the larger context of nineteenth-century American engineering. Speaker: David Simmons, Editor, TIMELINE

Doing History

  • Ohio Memory: An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History: Did you know that Ohio's state reptile is the black racer snake? Or that the first airplane flight over water was made over Lake Erie? Learn about Ohio's rich history through Ohio Memory (www.ohiomemory.org), an online resource of the Ohio History Connection and 330 historical societies, libraries, and museums throughout Ohio. This presentation will offer a brief introduction to using Ohio Memory and will demonstrate games, search strategies, and how users can create their own online exhibits.  Speaker: Jillian Carney, Digital Services Manager

    • Value of Photographs as Historic Documents: This presentation focuses on why archivists and historians collect and preserve photographs and how photographs are used for historic research.  Speaker: Lisa Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

    For more information about a general presentation about the Ohio History Connection and its activities, please contact Todd Kleismit.