Match Summary: History Fund Application Instructions

Match is proof of the organization’s and the community’s support of a History Fund project. Sharing detailed information about match amounts also helps the History Fund program document and publicizes the many ways history groups all over Ohio leverage other support with the History Fund. List the donor, source, kind, amount, and status for each match.

Donor: Identifies who or what is providing the match, whether an individual, the applicant organization, a community foundation, or a unit of local government. Rather than listing every individual donor separately, individual donors may be listed as a group.

Source: The origin of the contribution. For example: general operating funds, other grants, or donations to the grant project.

Kind: Type of contribution, whether cash, volunteer labor, or donated materials and supplies, etc.

Status: Is the match firmly in hand (Confirmed), or are you awaiting a decision (Pending)? Reminder: In the narrative section “Project Design and Resources” indicate how you plan to complete the project if sources of match labeled “pending” do not materialize.

Record the total amount of Match from the Budget Form in the Grant Data Section at the top of the application form in the Project Budget Summary. Make sure the Match for your application meets the minimum required for the category of grant for which you are applying. See the Guidelines for more information. Applications with incomplete Match Summaries will not be reviewed.