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Learn about the Ohio History Connection's active lending program.

Borrowing Objects or Documents from the Ohio History Connection

The Registrar’s Office handles all loans of Ohio History Connection collections to other institutions as well as loans from individuals and organizations to us.

The Ohio History Connection has an active lending program. Loans of collections to other educational and cultural organizations for exhibits and research are encouraged.

We will consider loan requests from peer organizations that can demonstrate professional standards of care, security, environmental control and insurance.

Loan Procedures

To initiate the loan process, borrowing institutions should fill out and submit the Loan Request Form along with the facilities report from their institution.

Requests should be sent at least four months in advance to allow ample time for review and preparation of items.

Please note that standard loans are issued for one year terms and may be renewed upon review by the Collections Management Team (CMT).

If the loan is approved, a copy of the certificate of insurance must be received by the Registrar’s Office before any items can be transferred.


The Ohio History Connection requires a fee for outgoing loans of collections. Please see our Loan Fees Schedule.

Historical Site Resources

The Ohio History Connection has over 50 historic sites around the state and relies on the attention and cooperation of its managing site partner staff to help manage Society collections at these locations.

When a collections object is moved to a new location at the site or to our collections storage facility, a Transfer Form is required to record this updated location information.

A copy of the form should be returned to the Registrar’s Office so that the location of the items can be updated in the collections management database.

A Transfer Form should also be filled out if the site staff is requesting an object be moved from the collections facility to the site.

All incoming and outgoing site loan requests are processed through the Registrar's Office in Columbus in collaboration with site staff.

If site staff is contacted by institutions interested in borrowing collections held at sites, please refer them to the Registrar’s Office Loans web page.

Site staff interested in pursuing a loan of objects from individuals or institutions for exhibit at a site should contact the Registrar’s Office or fill out and submit a Loan Request Form.

Loan requests are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Collections Management Team. After review, you will receive notification from the Registrar’s Office. Submission of a loan request does not guarantee its approval.

Loan Application Form

(*Required Fields)
  • Dates of Loan (please be sure to add time for dismantling, packing, and returning items)

  • For non-Ohio History Connection sites, please furnish a facilities report along with this request (you may email it to registrar@ohiohistory.org). You may use the AAM standard facilities report form, or the OHS form can be sent to you upon request. LOAN REQUESTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED TO ORGANIZATIONS WHO DO NOT SUBMIT A FACILITIES REPORT.

  • We require that proof of insurance be provided by borrowing institutions BEFORE loan material is transferred.