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Ohioans are proud of our state’s history and enthusiastic about investing in its future. Learn how supporters of Ohio history make an impact with their gifts.


Columbus, Ohio

“Born and raised in Zanesville on Route 40, the National Road, we have always been aware of Ohio’s great past. We have both had relatives steeped in Ohio history. Some were major players in the founding and flourishing of several cities. We feel it is important to support the Annual Fund of OHS to help maintain so many historic sites around the state. These sites give the current population an opportunity to view how past generations lived, toiled and partied. Without private contributions many of these opportunities would be non-existent.”


Zanesville, Ohio

“If the adage ‘We don’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been’ has merit, Ohioan’s simply must support our Ohio History Connection. The Society provides us the opportunity to understand our past, so we can learn how to transform our great state for a promising future. I’m proud to support Ohio’s history through the Annual Fund.”


Dublin, Ohio

teater.jpg“History is not just yesterday. It is also today and tomorrow. History is a continuum of discoveries, inventions, decisions and cultures that have shaped our past and staged our future. The Ohio History Connection has forged a strong public-private partnership with the state of Ohio to preserve and manage our valuable historical resources. Through historic sites, museums, archives and electronics, OHS brings Ohio’s exciting history alive. Financial support through the Annual Fund is crucial to their success. Let’s make this year special through our generous gifts to the Fund.”


Silver Spring, Maryland

munro.jpg“My history is in Ohio. It’s where I’m proud to have grown up and been educated. By supporting the Ohio History Connection, I’m hoping to ‘share the pride’ with my generation and those to come.”



Gahanna, Ohio

leslie.jpg“Not only is the Ohio History Connection the state’s attic, but just as importantly the living and family rooms too. We enjoy the historic sites for family picnics and relaxation as well as reliving the past through the artifacts and collections of all ages seen in OHS museums. Being a hybrid of private and state financing, OHS usually feeds from the shallow end of the state money trough. In these tough times it is important to remember what OHS means to us all and to financially support the Annual Fund the most that we can.”



paulsen.jpg“In addition to the great museum facilities in Columbus and maintaining historic sites around Ohio, the Ohio History Connection also enhances our musical heritage through the wonderful Ohio Village Singers. Through the interesting articles and photographs in TIMELINE, Ohio history is brought into my home. I appreciate and am happy to support the opportunity to help fund the many facets of OHS.”
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