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The Creative Learning Factory, the education and outreach arm of the Ohio History Connection, is proud to present professional development programming aligned to the 1950s exhibit currently on display at the Ohio History Center.

The Creative Learning Factory provides hands-on, minds-on, distance learning and professional development programming across a wide variety of subjects.

1950s Lesson Plans
Introduction to the 1950s: A Picture in Time
Students will be introduced to the culture of the 1950s by working in collaborative groups to analyze photographs and compare the past to the present. Students will discuss the importance of each topic and determine which aspects of life made the most significant lasting impact.

The Birth of the Teenager
Students will examine teenage culture of the 1950s by working in collaborative groups to analyze yearbooks and compare the past to the present. Students will identify important teenage characteristics, research to answer questions that arise, and reflect on the impact of the teenage generation both then and now.

Experience the Music: 1950s Rock and Roll
Students will explore the emergence of rock and roll music through discussion, research, and lyric analysis. Students will discover how various music genres influenced rock and roll, investigate the impact of early industry pioneers, and utilize historical thinking skills to evaluate how musical lyrics can represent broader societal trends.

Science Fiction or Serious Fact?
Students will explore 1950s science fiction through brainstorming, analysis, discussion, and reflection. Students will examine and interpret primary sources, compare science fiction themes, and reflect on the role of science fiction in the 1950s society and culture.

Upcoming Programs:

Program Title Program Type Availability
1950s: Building the American Dream: The African American Experience in the 1950s Archived Webinar
Available on-Demand
1950s: Building the American Dream Kickoff Archived Webinar Available On-Demand
Picture This: Interpreting the 1950s with Photographs Distance Learning Available On-Demand

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