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Outreach & Workshops

Outreach Visits

The Ohio History Day staff are available to come out to your classroom for an interactive, hands on History Day experience! Outreach visits are $3.00 per student for a minimum of ten students, which includes the cost of travel and materials. Presentations are usually designed to fit a 45 minute to 1 hour class period and can be repeated up to six times in one day. However, we can work with you to tailor an experience to your class's needs. Contact the State Coordinator to schedule an Outreach visit.

Video Podcasts

We will be producing a series of video podcasts this year designed to be used in the classroom. Each will be approximately 30-40 minutes in length and cost $15 to download:

Video Podcast for Students:

  • How to Choose Your History Day Topic
  • Annotated Bibliographies, Process Papers, and Thesis Statements
  • Acing the Interview
  • Documentaries
  • Performances
  • Papers
  • Websites
  • Exhibits

Video Podcasts for Teachers:

  • Ohio History Day All Year
  • Ohio History Day Across the Curriculum

Field Trips

Ohio History Day invites you to visit the Ohio History Center! Field trips can be customized to your schedule and needs. For example, we can break a group of students into three groups and rotate them through an archives experience working with primary sources, a museum experience exploring the exhibits, and a classroom experience working with the theme and different project types.

  • There must be 1 chaperone for every 10 students.
  • Please contact the Ohio History Day office to schedule
  • Cost is $5 per student