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Curriculum Connections

Ohio History Day engages students across the curriculum giving them the opportunity to be creative, collaborate, and think critically. No matter what a student's key interests there is a way for them to engage with Ohio History Day. Here are some materials to help you guide them in their work.


Ohio History Day aligns to Ohio's New Learning Standards, the Common Core State Standards, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework, and the C3 framework. This document contains a quick guide as well as a comprehensive standards alignment.

Ohio History Day Standards Alignment


Need some help integrating Ohio History Day into your pacing guides? Here is a workflow to show where students will be in the process of their projects through out the school year. Ohio History Day is student directed and self-differentiating! Each of these timeline steps is a student activity.

Ohio History Day Timeline

Graphic Organizers

Here is a series of graphic organizers to help you guide student work on key project elements like the process paper and thesis statement. There are also organizers to help students plan out the different project types.

Topic Selection

Thesis Statements and Logic Models

  • This graphic organizer helps students craft a thesis statement and then use that thesis statement to create a logic model that will help them manage their time and resources
Process Paper
  • This documents reviews the key elements of a process paper.

Evaluating Sources and Creating an Annotated Bibliography

  • How do you know if a source is good or not? Once you have evaluated it how do you capture it? Finally, how do you write an annotation about it? This document can help.

Project Types Organizers

  • This document provides some graphic organizers to help with each project type and includes storyboards for performances, split column AV scripts for documentaries, and more.

Additional Resources

Regional Coordinators and the State Coordinator are amazed at all that you do as teachers. Here are some things we would love for you to you know about Ohio History Day. Click here.

National History Day has a wealth of lesson plans and materials! Check out their website here.