Components to Consider

• Spacing- When an exhibit is designed, think about both the positive AND negative space. Are the labels and pictures spaced out evenly or in a way that is attractive and easy to look at?

• Cutting tools- Making clean cuts on text and images is an easy way to clean up an exhibit!

• Adhesives- Adhesive choices can affect the longevity of exhibits. Regular glue can leave labels looking lumpy. Double-sided tape can be a great alternative. Velcro is great because of the flexibility of the design.

• Font Size- It doesn’t matter how great an exhibit is unless you can read the text. When an exhibit is on display, can anyone easily read the text at the top? Font size can help with titles. The exhibit title should be the largest. Subtitles should be smaller and labels should be the smallest.

• Color- Use colors that complement the topic and don’t clash. A topic about the Chicago fire could incorporate reds, oranges and yellows. A topic on the Civil War in Ohio could incorporate the grays and blues of the uniforms or use the battle flags.

• Interaction- Flip-ups, doors or hinged panels are fun ways to pull the visitor into an exhibit. Think about different interesting methods of presenting the content that physically engages the visitor.