So You Think You Know Ohio

Description: Students test their knowledge of Ohio and discover interesting facts about our government, geography, statehood, symbols, inventors, and remarkable Ohioans in this game show program.

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio

Availability: Call the Scheduling Office for available times

Time Allowance: 30 minutes

Cost: $5.00 per student; $4.00 per chaperone; Teachers are free

Pre-­Visit Activity: Review Ohio’s borders, rivers, form of government, inventors, symbols, and remarkable Ohioans.  

Social Studies Standards Connections (by Benchmarks and Grade­ Level Indicators):

Grade 3:
People in Societies – A1, A2
Grade 4: History – B2, B3, C6; People in Societies – A1, B3; Geography – A4 Government – A1
Grade 5: History – B2, B3; Government – A2
Grade 6: History – B3

Grade 4: 3, 5, 8
Grade 5: 2, 3

New Social Studies Standards:
Fourth Grade:  SS 4.5, SS 4.8, SS 4.21
Eighth Grade:  SS 8.14, SS 8.23