Settling the Ohio Frontier

Description: Students will handle authentic and reproduction artifacts, and learn about the pioneer period in Ohio. This program examines the first European settlers in Ohio and their journey into the Ohio country. 

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio
Availability: Call Scheduling Office for available times
Time Allowance: 30 minutes
Cost: $5.00 per student; $4.00 per chaperone; Teachers are free


Barter – The trade of goods and services for other goods and services without the use of money.
Diffusion – The spread of people, ideas, technology, and products among places.
Goods – Objects that are capable of satisfying people’s wants.
Natural Resources – A productive resource supplied by nature (e.g., ores, trees, arable land).
Primary Source – An account of an event by someone who was present at the event.
Secondary Source -- ­An account of an event by someone who was not present at the event.
Settlement – A group of settlers living in close contact.
Territory – An area of land; the land and waters under the jurisdiction of a state, nation, or sovereign. Tradition – A long­-established action or pattern of behavior in a community or group of people, often one that has been handed down from generation to generation.

 Pre-­Visit Activity: Go over the definitions of cultural practice and cultural products.

Social Studies Standards Connections (by Benchmark and Grade­ Level Indicator):
Grade 3: People in Societies – B3; Economics – C5
Grade 4: History – A1, B2, B3; People in Societies – A1, B2, B3; Economics – C5; Social Studies Skills and Methods – A3
Grade 5: History – A1, B3, C6; People in Societies – A1
Grade 8: History – D2; People in Societies – B3; Geography – C2, D3

Grade 3: 2
Grade 4: 2, 3
Grade 5: 3
Grade 8: 2

English Language Arts Standards Connections (by Grade ­Level Indicator):
Grade 3: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1, 3
Grade 4: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1
Grade 5: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1
Grade 8: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1

New Social Studies Standards:
Fourth Grade:  SS 4.2, SS 4.3, SS 4.13
Eighth Grade:  SS 8.1