Inhabitants Before It Was Ohio

Description: Students will handle authentic and reproduction artifacts and learn about the cultures, cultural products, and chronology of the prehistoric people of Ohio.

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio
Availability: Call Scheduling Office for available times
Time Allowance: 30 minutes
Cost: $5.00 per student; $4.00 per chaperone; Teachers are free


Archaeology – The study of ancient cultures through examination of their buildings; tools; and other objects.
Artifact – A material object of a culture such as a tool, an article of clothing, or a prepared food.
Cultural Practice – A pattern of behavior accepted by a society.
Cultural Product – A tangible (e.g. a painting, a cathedral, a mosque, a piece of literature, a pair of chopsticks) or intangible (e.g. an oral tale, a dance, a sacred ritual, a system of education) aspect produced by a cultural group.
Culture – Learned behavior of a group of people, which includes their belief systems and languages, their social relationships, their institutions and organizations, and their material goods such as food, clothing, buildings, tools, and machines.
Effigy – An image or representation, usually depicting people or animals, often made of pottery.
Natural Resource – A productive resource supplied by nature (e.g. ores, trees, arable land).
Prehistoric – Belonging to or existing in times before recorded history. 
Shard – A fragment or broken piece, especially of pottery.

Pre­-Visit Activity: Go over the definitions of cultural practice, cultural products, and prehistoric.

Social Studies Standards Connections (by Benchmarks and Grade­ Level Indicator):
Grade 3: History – A1; People in Societies – A1
Grade 4: History – A1, B2; People in Societies – A1; Geography – C8; Economics – A2, C5; Socials Studies Skills and Methods – A3, D10
Grade 5: History – B2; People in Societies – A1; Socials Studies Skills and Methods – A3, B6
Grade 6: History – A1, A2, B3

Grade 3: 5
Grade 4: 3
Grade 5: 2
Grade 8: 2

English Language Arts Standards Connections (by Grade ­Level Indicator):
Grade 3: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1, 3
Grade 4: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1  
Grade 5: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1

New Social Studies Standards:
Fourth Grade:  SS 4.2, SS 4.3, SS 4.13
Eighth Grade:  SS 8.1