American Indian Voices from the Past

Description: Students will learn about the chronology, containers, tools, and games of the American Indians of Ohio through hands-on activities. The students will also learn of the impact that European expansion had on the American Indians in Ohio.

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio
Availability: Call Scheduling Office for available times
Time Allowance: 30 minutes
Cost: $5.00 per student; $4.00 per chaperone; Teachers are free


Artifact – A material object of a culture such as a tool, an article of clothing, or a prepared food.
Cultural Practice – A pattern of behavior accepted by a society.
Cultural Product – A tangible (e.g., a painting, a cathedral, a mosque, a piece of literature, a pair of chopsticks) or intangible (e.g., an oral tale, a dance, a sacred ritual, a system of education) aspect produced by a cultural group.
Culture -- ­Learned behavior of a group of people, which includes their belief systems and languages, their social relationships, their institutions and organizations, and their material goods such as food, clothing, buildings, tools, and machines.
Natural resource -- ­A productive resource supplied by nature (e.g., ores, trees, arable land).
Primary Source -- ­An account of an event by someone who was present at the event.
Secondary Source -- ­An account of an event by someone who was not present at the event.
Sinew – A thread or cord made from uncured animal tendon.

Pre-Visit Activity:
Review the Historic Indian tribes of Ohio:
- Shawnee
- Miami
- Iroquois
- Wyandot
- Delaware

Social Studies Standards Connections (by Benchmarks and Grade­ Level Indicator):

Grade 3: History – A1; People in Societies – A1
Grade 4: History – A1, B2, B3; People in Societies – A1, B2; Geography – C8; Economics – A2, C5; Social Studies Skills and Methods – A3, D10
Grade 5: History – B2; People in Societies – A1d, A1e, A1f, B2; Social Studies Skills and Methods – A3, B6
Grade 8: History – D2; Geography – C2

Revised: (by Content Statement)
Grade 3:  1, 8
Grade 4:
1, 3, 13
Grade 5: 3
Grade 8:  2

English Language Arts Standards Addressed (by Grade ­Level Indicator):
Grade 3: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1, 3
Grade 4: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1  
Grade 5: Communication: Oral and Visual – 1

New Social Studies Standards:
Fourth Grade:  SS 4.2, SS 4.3
Eighth Grade:  SS 8.1