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The Ohio History Connection, as the State Archives for the state, preserves the historical records of Ohio’s legislative, executive, and judicial branches.  In 1927 Representative Viola Romans of Columbus introduced legislation permitting the Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society to transfer into its custody state records.  The following year Governor Vic Donahey transferred a number of non-current records to the Ohio History Connection.  Over the next few years other state agencies also transferred records to the Ohio History Connection, including the Secretary of State’s Office, Treasurer’s Office, and the Adjutant General’s Office.  In 1959 the General Assembly passed legislation officially designating the Ohio History Connection as the State Archives. 

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Legislative Records Transfer Form

Legislative Records Transfer Form (paper records)

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House of Representatives Electronic Records Transfer Form

Sample Completed House of Representatives Electronic Records Transfer Form

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Significant Government Documents in Ohio History

Adjutant General Records:

War of 1812 Roster of Ohio Soldiers

Index to Ohio Prisoners at Andersonville, Georgia and Salisbury, North Carolina Prisons, 1864-1865

Correspondence to the Governor and Adjutant General, 1861-1866

Attorney General Records:

Kent State University Trial Records, 1970-1982

Governor's Office Records:

Ohio Governors Collection in Ohio Memory