Archival Consulting Services

  • Does your business, church, club, volunteer organization, or professional association collect and maintain records? 
  • Are all of the records stored in one location? 
  • Does the group maintain an inventory of the records?
  • Can items be found when needed for anniversaries and events?
  • Have you determined what should be kept for the archives?

If you need help to answer these questions, the Ohio History Connection’s experienced archivists can provide information and advice. 

Levels of Service

1. Contact us by telephone or e-mail with basic questions.

2. Receive a packet via e-mail or U.S. mail with general guidelines for what to keep and how to organize your records; sources of archival supplies; and sample inventory forms.

3. Arrange an on-site visit for our staff to examine your archives and provide specific suggestions for arrangement and storage of the materials. A written report of recommendations will be provided. Contact us for a price quote. Fees will be determined based on travel time and the amount of material you have for us to review.

4. Contract with OHS staff to inventory and rehouse your archival materials. Contact us for a price quote. Fees will be determined based on travel time, the amount of material and supplies needed.
For information about digitizing your collections; contributing to the Ohio Memory digital repository; or contract digitization services contact the Digital Projects department.