If you aren’t able to visit our Research Room in Columbus, our staff provides photocopy services.  Pictured here: Equal Franchise Bulletin of the Ohio Woman's Taxpayers' League

Archives Library Photocopy Request

Photocopy Request

We encourage public visitation to our Research Room at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, but we realize that not everyone is able to come to us.  Our staff can make photocopies from printed material and manuscript collections that we hold when an exact citation is provided.  This photocopy description does not apply to Indexed Public Records, Ohio Death Certificates December 20, 1908 through 1953, or a Boys and Girls Industrial Schools Copy Request

What is needed to submit a Photocopy Request

A Photocopy Request requires specific information about the title, author, and page identification.  A citation to a book, pamphlet, or magazine must include:

    1. Title of the item Article or Chapter Title
    2. Author of the item
    3. Date of publication
    4. Call Number of the item

An example of a book, pamphlet, or magazine copy request is: Please send me Timeline, "A Painter's Struggle: Sala Bosworth," written by Kozlowski, L. J., November/December 1999, R973.05Tr82

A SPECIFIC CITATION to a manuscript or audio/visual collection must include the things listed below. If the request is for a specific photograph or manuscript item that is in a folder that includes more than 4 pages of material, it may be considered a research request. Our staff will notify the person who makes the request if research will be needed.

    1. Title of the item
    2.  Author of the item
    3. Call Number of the item
    4. Box and Folder Numbers or Microfilm Roll Number of the item (if applicable)

An example of a manuscript or audio/visual copy request is: Please send me Papers 1735-1924, collected by Rice, Charles Elmer, MSS 1, Box 1, Folder 1.

You can use our Online Collection Catalog to obtain information for properly citing items requested.

The Ohio History Connection reserves the right to restrict reproduction due to the following criteria (If a reason for restriction exists, that reason will be explained to the person making the request):
  • Fragile condition of the item or record
  • Copyright restriction
  • Number of pages requested exceeds the policy for copying from a single item 

Photocopy Request Fees

The base fee is $0.25 per page. All photocopy orders include a base $5.00 handling fee. Photocopy orders over 25 pages will incur additional handling fees. Contact reference@ohiohistory.org for cost estimates. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Ohio History Connection. DO NOT SEND CASH.

It is our staff policy that we do not make photocopies of articles from newspapers held in our collections.  We can, however, interlibrary loan rolls of newspaper microfilm to your local library.  Please read the full explanation of our interlibrary loan procedures

If there are any questions about using the Online Collection Catalog or submitting a Photocopy Request, please contact the Ohio History Connection's Archives/Library staff by e-mail or by telephone at 614-297-2510.