Current Projects

Ohio History Connection (OHS) staff are working with Ohio's strong and committed archaeological community to increase awareness, train educators and preserve and interpret Ohio's rich ancient past, at the Center in Columbus, at historic sites around the state and through publications and educational programs.

Pickawillany Research

In addition, OHS archaeologists are continuing their research at Pickawillany near the Piqua Historical Area. In the fall of 2006, OHS staff, volunteers and interns for Urbana University completed a remote sensing and metal detecting project that was initiated in 2002. The purpose of the investigation was to locate evidence of Pickawillany related activities and define the spatial lay out of the site. Approximately 1000 period artifacts were recovered and several interesting anomalies were located. Further archaeological investigations at Pickawillany are being considered for 2009. Additional information can be viewed on the blog.

Dr Lepper and Letterman
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